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Red Bull M.E.O KSA PUBGM Finals

Tournament overview

Prize pool custom

Starts: 20/01/2023 14:00

Ends: 20/01/2023 15:00

Team size 4

Participants Teams


Tournament format & Rules

Red Bull M.E.O. - KSA


1- Only players from the KSA and the GCC countries, whether citizens or residents 

are allowed to register (there must be at least two Saudi citizens or residents in each team.

2- The first participating teams will be selected (128 teams divided into 8 groups).


3- All registrants must join the Discord server where everything will be coordinated there

Link: https://discord.gg/nxwHw8nDhe

4- The team leader or team official is responsible for all the information entered.


-For complete tournament information:

Players guideline  ( Arabic ): Click

Players guideline  ( English ): Click


- Winning team: Qualifies to M.E.O. regional finals.


1- It is strictly forbidden to use the iPad or Emulators, and this thing is mentioned in the laws and leads to exclusion and an immediate ban.


2- Player's guide to the tournament is also available on the Discord server.

Points system

Points per kill : 1

Points per rank :

1 Place : 15 Points

2 Place : 12 Points

3 Place : 10 Points

4 Place : 8 Points

5 Place : 6 Points

6 Place : 4 Points

7 Place : 2 Points

8-12 Places : 1 Points

13-16 Places : 0 Points



First place

Qualify to Finals LAN