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Red bull M.E.O KSA PUBGM

Tournament overview

Prize pool custom

Starts: 17/01/2023 11:30

Ends: 20/01/2023 14:00

Team size 4

Participants Teams


Tournament format & Rules

Red Bull M.E.O. - KSA


1- Only players from the KSA and the GCC countries, whether citizens or residents 

are allowed to register (there must be at least two Saudi citizens or residents in each team.

2- The first participating teams will be selected (128 teams divided into 8 groups).


3- All registrants must join the Discord server where everything will be coordinated there

Link: https://discord.gg/nxwHw8nDhe

4- The team leader or team official is responsible for all the information entered.


-For complete tournament information:

Players guideline  ( Arabic ): Click

Players guideline  ( English ): Click


- Winning team: Qualifies to M.E.O. regional finals.


1- It is strictly forbidden to use the iPad or Emulators, and this thing is mentioned in the laws and leads to exclusion and an immediate ban.


2- Player's guide to the tournament is also available on the Discord server.

Points system

Points per kill : 1

Points per rank :

1 Place : 15 Points

2 Place : 12 Points

3 Place : 10 Points

4 Place : 8 Points

5 Place : 6 Points

6 Place : 4 Points

7 Place : 2 Points

8-12 Places : 1 Points

13-16 Places : 0 Points


Contact links


First place

Qualify to Semi Finals

Second place

Qualify to Semi Finals

Third place

Qualify to Semi Finals

Fourth place

Qualify to Semi Finals

Fifth place

Qualify to Semi Finals

Sixth place

Qualify to Semi Finals

Seventh place

Qualify to Semi Finals

Eighth place

Qualify to Semi Finals