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Tournament overview

Prize pool custom

Starts: 07/11/2022 11:00

Ends: 07/11/2022 14:00

Team size 5

Participants Teams

Type SEB

Tournament format & Rules

Tournament Format :

Round Of 16 - Round Of 8 - Best Of 1
Semi Finals - Finals - Best Of 3
Custom Draft Pick - Ban 6
Max roster size - 7

Servers :

The most appropriate server will be selected by agreement between the two teams.

Prize : 

First Place: Direct invite to next scrims.

Rules :

1- Teams on the upper side of the bracket (left side of match page) will create the lobby and share the room information with the opponent in ArabEsports match chat.
2- Teams have 10 minutes upon lobby creation to enter and begin the game, failure to do so may result in disqualification.
3- All teams must consist of at least 5 players, an incomplete roster will not be eligible for the scrims.
4- Each match can be started with any 5 players on the team roster.
5- Scrims must have a minimum of 8 checked in teams to start.
6- Teams must match the registered roster in the ArabEsports website, the admin must to be informed about any changes of in-game name before the beginning of the first match.
7- Both teams are required to check the match settings and player names prior to the start of a game.
8- No pause is allowed.


Players Guideline : Link


Contact links


First place

Direct invite to next scrims

Tournament organizers