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Arab Esports LOL EUNE CUP #1

Tournament overview

Prize pool $100

Starts: 17 Sep 2021

Ends: 17 Sep 2021

America/New York 14:00

Team size 5

Participants Teams

Type SEB



Region eune

Tournament format & Rules

- How to create team & register in the tournament :


- Any questions or issues about the tournament , you can ask at our discord server : 


- Tournament Rules :

- Any violation of the rules below can lead to direct disqualification as organizers will see!!!

- All players must register on the website.

- Each team will consist of 5 players (including 3 substitutes). Teams are allowed a maximum of 2 foreign players outside of the qualifiers' region.

- All team members are responsible for having an account on the server required in the tournament.

- A maximum of 10 minutes is allowed to wait before the match, and 15 minutes stop time for each team in-game. [finals extended time will be added]

- Each team is responsible to check opponents' team summoner names at the website before starting the match , if wrong summoner accounts are inside the room , report to admins at discord or match room chat with screenshots.

- Any team member who changed their in-game summoner names before a tournament which differs from his tournament-registered name have to tell organizers before his match. In-case he didn’t, any complaint from the opposing team that his name is different will result in direct disqualifications.

- Tournament system : 

- Match type: 5 against 5
- Allowed maps: Summoners Rift
- Draft mode: Tournament Draft
- Server: EUNE

- Violation of the rules :

The player or team from the championship is investigated or punished in case of non-compliance with the following rules :  

1- Use of any type of fraud.  

2- The obligation to respect among the players must be used.  

3- The personal account of each player is used.

4- Players must ensure that their details are recorded correctly (name, phone number, etc.).

5- Unfair use of loopholes in the game to win


First place

Total prize of 100

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