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Arab Esports FIFA21 CUP #2

Tournament overview

Prize pool $100

Starts: 18 Sep 2021

Ends: 18 Sep 2021

America/New York 14:00

Team size 1

Participants Players

Type SEB


Tournament format & Rules


    1. Each player must confirm attendance within 60 minutes before the start of the tournament, if you do not confirm your presence, you will not be able to participate in the tournament."check in"
    2. Each player must take a screenshot of the final result of the match, with the obligation to record matches and keep the registration files for 48 hours after the end of the tournament.
    3. Each player must send a picture of the screen while reporting the result of the match on the site.
    4. Players can only chat via our website only. (Speaking inside the game, Discord, Whatsapp, PS Parties is not allowed at all)
    5. In front of the players only a maximum of 15 minutes to open and start talking to the competitor.
    6. If your competitor does not respond to you via our website Chat, click on Report Issue or contact the tournament organizer.
    7. Tournament organizers have the right to exclude any player who has not responded to the organizer's requests.
    8. Matches that will not start 20 minutes after the start of the match (double loss), so please inform the tournament organizer in case your opponent (AFK) does not respond.
    9. Only one match will be played (Best of one).
    10. In case the opponent has lost contact with the game, contact us immediately via Chat Match.
    11. The player will bear the consequences of scoring with incorrect data that may reach the exclusion of the tournament.
    12. In the event of a draw, the game must be replayed again (and the replay continues until one of the players wins over the other).
    13. If the match result is delayed by half an hour since the start of the game, both players will be counted as losers.

    - How to play :

    1. Enter the site to find out who your competitor is and talk to him.
    2. Add your competitor to Playstaion 
    3. Enter the game.
    4. Create Match Friendlies
    5. Put the game numbers
    6. Start the game
    7. Take Screenshot for the result of the game via Playstaion 
    8. Upload the result and Screenshot (for more information and we put tutorial link for it)

    - Match settings :

    -Game Mode: Friendlies
    -Half Length:  6 Minutes
    -game speed : Normal
    -Squad Type:  ULTIMATE TEAM
    -Team size : 1v1

Tournament organizers





First place

Total prize of 70

Second place

Total prize of 30

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