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Arab Esports PUBGM Qualifiers #1

Tournament overview

Prize pool custom

Starts: 14/09/2021 12:00

Ends: 14/09/2021 15:00

America/New York 12:00

Team size 4

Participants Teams


Tournament format & Rules

•Players are allowed to live stream the qualifiers, But the name of ArabEsports must be added in the live stream title • 
•The four qualified teams from the first qualifiers are prohibited from participating in the second qualifiers • 
•Emulators and IPAD not allowed in Finals PUBGM and whoever qualified with PC or IPAD , needs to find mobile phone or whole team will be replaced
•The account level must be above the level 50 •
•it is Forbidden to use the flare gun • 
•it is Forbidden to open the all mic • 
•it is Forbidden to use glitch's • 
•Each team must stick to the place assigned to it • 
•Alliance is forbidden • 
•it is Forbidden to use any type of Hacker • 
•Any adjacent Championship Channel will lead to final exclusion  from the Championship •
• there must be 3 players at least with the same name tag •
• Must record the whole game from the start without hiding anything 

Points system

Points per kill : 1

Points per rank :

1 Place : 15 Points

2 Place : 12 Points

3 Place : 10 Points

4 Place : 8 Points

5 Place : 6 Points

6 Place : 4 Points

7 Place : 2 Points

8-12 Places : 1 Points

13-18 Places : 0 Points



First place

PUBGM Finals

Second place

PUBGM Finals

Third place

PUBGM Finals

Fourth place

PUBGM Finals