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Arab Esports Solo Cup #1

Tournament overview

Prize pool $50

Starts: 07 Sep 2021

Ends: 07 Sep 2021

America/New York 2:00

Team size 1

Participants Players


Tournament format & Rules

1. You must complete all your login information in order for your application to join the tournament not to be rejected. 

2. Any type of cheating is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent suspension. 
3. Toxicity is strictly forbidden and will result in a suspension. 
4. Respect the other players. 
5. All skins, weapons and vehicles are allowed 
6.Be on time. 
7. Players MUST take a screenshot for their placement. 
8. Code leaking with other players is totally forbidden so that you and the other players are not expelled from the room. 
9. Streamer / Anonymous mode is strictly prohibited 
10. Teaming is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent suspension.
 11. Respect the staff members.
 12. The administrator's words are finals.

Points system

Points per kill : 1

Points per rank :

1 Place : 10 Points

2 Place : 9 Points

3 Place : 8 Points

4-6 Places : 7 Points

7-10 Places : 4 Points

Tournament organizers




First place

Total prize of 25

Second place

Total prize of 15

Third place

Total prize of 10

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