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QLASH Fortnite Tournament (Solo) #2

Tournament overview

Prize pool $50

Starts: 21 Aug 2021

Ends: 21 Aug 2021

America/New York 14:00

Team size 1

Participants Players


Tournament format & Rules

*1st and 2nd place must upload replay file OR THEY WILL GET DISQUALIFIED 
**All players must enable the replay option in game so they can upload it on the website to count the scores for the players
*Teaming isn't allowed. 
*Anonymous mode isn't allowed. 
*You aren't allowed to share the game code with anyone. 
|*You must be in the discord to get any help you need.
 *you should check in before starting the tournament by 60 minutes. 

Points system

Points per kill : 1

Points per rank :

1 Place : 10 Points

2 Place : 7 Points

3 Place : 5 Points

4-7 Places : 3 Points

Tournament organizers

Youssef AboElmagd


First place

Total prize of 25

Second place

Total prize of 15

Third place

Total prize of 10

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