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Snow Community Cup #2

Tournament overview

Prize pool $300

Starts: 14 Jul 2020

America/New York 7:00

Team size 5

Participants Teams

Type SEB



Region eune

Tournament format & Rules

Welcome to Snow Community Cup #2

Snow will broadcast on Wednesday both Semi Finals Bo1  follow by and Thursday Grand Finals Bo3 

 Each owner or team leader must check-in before tournament start by one hour at our website - example here: https://ibb.co/5FctXdQ.


Please see all laws of the League of Legends Snow Community Cup £2 

General rules:
 1- The tournament will be played entirely online. 
2- Subscription cost: Free. 
3- Communications will be through Discord.
4- Each team will consist of 5 players only. 
5- No changes are permitted to the team immediately after the start of the tournament 
6 - The main and reserve players are allowed to participate in one team only during the tournament 
7 - Players from the teams that were exited from the competition are not allowed to participate with other teams 
8 - A maximum of 10 minutes is allowed to wait before the match or stop during play 15 A minute for each team. 
9- All applicants must follow the organizers page and continuous updates about the tournament.
Tournament system and game settings: 
- Matches type: 5 against 5
- Allowed maps: Summoners Rift
- Game system: Tournament Draft
- Server: EU Nordic East
- The length of the match: Until the winner is determined
.- All teams must register on the Arabesports website to get the Tournament code.
- All teams must adhere to the standard match dates for each role on the Arabesports.

 Participation Conditions: 
Day 1: Tuesday , July 14th Round 32 - 16 - 8 All Bo1 (1:00 PM EGY)

Day 2: Wednesday , July 15th Both Semi finals Bo1 Scheduled Time (3:00 PM EGY 1st Semi Finals - 3:30 PM EGY 2nd Semi Finals)

Day 3: Thursday , July 16th Grand Finals bo3 (3:00 PM EGY)


=== Violation of the rules
: The player or team from the championship is investigated or punished in case of non-compliance with the following rules: 
1- Use of any type of fraud. 
2- The obligation to respect among the players must be used. 
3- The personal account of each player is used. Players must ensure that their details are recorded correctly (name, phone number, etc.)
 5- Exit the gym without a convincing reason.
6- Causing the opponent to intentionally win
 7- Lack of sportsmanship and improper behavior towards players and regulators From arabesport. 
8 - Unfair use of loopholes in the game to win.
9 - A team or player may be asked to change his name from those responsible for the organization in case it is inappropriate. 
10 - A maximum of 10 minutes of sight or 15 minutes of play is allowed for each team Action is taken by the organizers in the event of an infringement of the time.
11- If it is doubtful that a team used a method of fraud, the organizer must be notified immediately so that the appropriate decision is made
.12- In the event of a problem during the game and the organizer requests continued play, the players must respond To his request.


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